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Need health insurance? Find out if you and/or others in your household qualify for one of our free or low-cost programs.

Enhanced Care (Medicaid)

Enhanced Care is a Medicaid Managed Care plan. That’s a low or no-cost health and dental insurance program. It is for some low-income people, families and children; pregnant women; the elderly; and people with disabilities. Some members pay a small copayment for drugs.

Children under age 21 who are covered by Medicaid and have mental health and/or substance use needs can get additional Children's Family Treatment and Support Services at no additional cost. These children’s services are provided at home or in the community.

Enhanced Care Plus (HARP)

Enhanced Care Plus is a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) product. You need to have Medicaid Managed Care to get it. EmblemHealth manages physical health and behavioral health (mental health, and substance use) services in an integrated way. To be eligible, an individual must be 21 years or older, insured only by Medicaid and be eligible for Medicaid managed care enrollment.

Enhanced Care Plus includes an enhanced benefit package of Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) for eligible members. It also provides members with enhanced care management to help coordinate all their physical health, behavioral health and non-Medicaid support needs. Some members pay a small copayment for drugs.

Child Health Plus (CHPlus)

Child Health Plus is low or no-cost health and dental insurance for children ages 0-19 who are not eligible for Medicaid. The amount you pay each month for Child Health Plus depends on your family income. You pay nothing when your child receives services for covered benefits with CHPlus.

All three programs provide access to top-quality doctors and hospitals in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.

Explore the following sections to get important information about our programs, whether you're already a member or want to become one.

Last Updated: 8/23/2018
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