eviCore Orientation Webinar Sessions

2018 Program Training Webinar Sessions

Please join eviCore for one of their informative program training webinar sessions to assist you and your staff with prior-approval requirements for EmblemHealth’s HIP members being reviewed for Skilled Nursing, Inpatient Rehabilitation, Long-Term Acute Care, Home Health and Durable Medical Equipment services.

Training Sessions

Anyone wishing to attend one of the online training sessions must register in advance. Each online training session is free of charge and will last approximately one hour. We hope you find one or more of the times convenient.

How to Register

Please read the following instructions carefully to register for and participate in a session:

  1. Once you have selected a provider specific session, please go to https://eviCore.webex.com/
  2. Click on the “Training Center” tab at the top of the web page.
  3. Find the date and time of the session you wish to attend by clicking the “Upcoming” tab. To search, COPY AND PASTE the session name (listed in the headers below) in the search field and confirm that you are registered for the correct session.
  4. Click “Register”.
  5. Enter the registration information.

After you have registered for the orientation session, you will receive an email containing: the toll-free telephone number, meeting number, a link to the website, and the call password. Please keep the registration email so you will have the link to the web session and the call-in number for the session in which you will be participating.

EmblemHealth Durable Medical Equipment Provider Orientation Session
Date Day Time
2/6/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
2/15/2018Thursday10 AM EST
2/20/2018Tuesday10 AM EST
3/6/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
3/20/2018Tuesday10 AM EST
4/19/2018Thursday9 AM EST
5/17/2018Thursday9 AM EST
6/21/2018Thursday9 AM EST
7/19/2018Thursday9 AM EST
8/16/2018Thursday9 AM EST
9/20/2018Thursday9 AM EST
10/18/2018Thursday9 AM EST
11/15/2018Thursday9 AM EST
12/20/2018Thursday9 AM EST
EmblemHealth Post-Acute Care Provider Orientation Session
Date Day Time
2/6/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
2/15/2018Thursday10 AM EST
2/20/2018Tuesday10 AM EST
3/8/2018Thursday2 PM EST
3/20/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
4/19/2018Thursday11 AM EST
5/17/2018Thursday11 AM EST
6/21/2018Thursday11 AM EST
7/19/2018Thursday11 AM EST
8/16/2018Thursday11 AM EST
9/20/2018Thursday11 AM EST
10/18/2018Thursday11 AM EST
11/15/2018Thursday11 AM EST
12/20/2018Thursday11 AM EST

EmblemHealth Post-Acute Care Web Portal Provider Orientation Session
Date Day Time
2/6/2018Thursday10 AM EST
2/13/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
2/20/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
2/27/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
3/13/2018Tuesday2 PM EST
3/27/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
4/19/2018Thursday3 PM EST
5/17/2018Thursday3 PM EST
6/21/2018Thursday3 PM EST
7/19/2018Thursday3 PM EST
8/16/2018Thursday3 PM EST
9/20/2018Thursday3 PM EST
10/18/2018Thursday3 PM EST
11/15/2018Thursday3 PM EST
12/20/2018Thursday3 PM EST
EmblemHealth Home Health Care Provider Orientation Session
Date Day Time
2/7/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
2/14/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
2/21/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
2/28/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
3/7/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
3/21/2018Wednesday2 PM EST
4/19/2018Thursday2 PM EST
5/17/2018Thursday2 PM EST
6/21/2018Thursday2 PM EST
7/19/2018Thursday2 PM EST
8/16/2018Thursday2 PM EST
9/20/2018Thursday2 PM EST
10/18/2018Thursday2 PM EST
11/15/2018Thursday2 PM EST
12/20/2018Thursday2 PM EST

If you are unable to find a session that is convenient, you may obtain a copy of the presentation on our implementation site at: https://www.evicore.com/healthplan/emblem. The presentation is in PDF format; if needed you may download Adobe Reader at: www.adobe.com/products/reader/.